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Richard K.
5-Nov-2010, 10:20
Are coated glass plates still available? Anywhere on the planet? (this planet!) I thought that T-Max was until recently, but probably not in any of the formats I use (WP. 7x11 10x12). Thoughts?

Oren Grad
5-Nov-2010, 10:37
TMX was a catalog item in 4x5 plates, though they were frightfully expensive.

These folks -


- are often mentioned as a possible source of plates for general pictorial use, though the listing on the site is oriented to holographic use.

5-Nov-2010, 10:38
Make your own!
See http://www.thelightfarm.com/
Denise also teaches at the photoformulary next summer.

Philippe Grunchec
5-Nov-2010, 10:49

12-Dec-2010, 03:38
APX 100 is available as glassplate in 65*90 mm

12-Dec-2010, 03:54

Bring the big money bag. :)

John Kasaian
21-Dec-2010, 00:06
The Surplus Shed had some glass plates, IIRC.

Oren Grad
21-Dec-2010, 00:14
The Surplus Shed had some glass plates, IIRC.



21-Dec-2010, 00:29
I have an excellent Folmer Graflex 11X14 double sided wood glass film holder with two sheets of glass in it and they are pristine. I've kept it as a back up in case of a world wide abandonment of film. So far so good but your never know about these things. It could come in handy!!

Brian C. Miller
21-Dec-2010, 12:32
$39.00 for 10? That's only $3.90 per plate, 9.5" square. There's a lot of black and white film which costs more than that.