View Full Version : Kodak 105/4.5 Anastigmat

MIke Sherck
17-May-2002, 22:31
Can anyone tell me the image circle of the 105mm f/4.5 Kodak Anastigmat? The pa rticular example I am thinking of was made in 1939. I believe that it is uncoat ed but am more concerned as to the image circle. If anyone has any usability co mments, I'd appreciate that, too. Thanks!


Colin Carron
18-May-2002, 04:55

The Kodak Anastigmat was a Tessar type lens found most often on their 6x9 rollfilm cameras. If it is typical Kodak it will be a good quality item. Make a stiff card lensboard up and see what image circle you get from it.

MIke Sherck
18-May-2002, 22:38
Actually, I haven't bought it yet. It's an E-bay thing... :)

Colin Carron
19-May-2002, 06:54

If you cannot actually see the thing then I would exercise a bit of caution. I acquired a slightly longer version of this lens on a 1920's Kodak Autographic. The lens looked fine and covered 4x5 but the images were very soft focus indeed. Fortunately the camera itself was unusual being an early Kodak rangefinder so I was able to flog it to a collector for a modest profit.

Mike Phifer
19-May-2002, 17:44
My Kodak Lens data guide (1959) has the 105 f4.5 Anastigmat as a three eliment Cooke type covering 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 ... Hope this helps.. Mike