View Full Version : 8x10 tmax 100 vs. 400

joe freeman
17-May-2002, 20:25
I will be contact printing, and I'm wondering if I'll notice a difference in the tonality between 100 and 400. I'd love to test them myself, but money....

John O'Connell
18-May-2002, 09:08
In my 4x5 contact prints I never saw a difference, so I went with TMY for 8x10.

I'm not a fan of TMY in 35mm AT ALL. But for 8x10 it makes sense because no one's ever going to see its oddball grain pattern in a contact print. It's also got better reciprocity characteristics than Tri-X and lower base fog than HP5+.

All of that said, I don't think film choice makes a lot of difference in 8x10.