View Full Version : T-Max in Pyro?

joe freeman
17-May-2002, 20:22
I was wondering if anyone has experiance developing Tmax 100 or 400 in Pyro. Si nce this is such a modern film, should I stick with modern developers, or does P yro still prevail?

David G Hall
17-May-2002, 22:53

TMX 100 in PMK pyro looks wonderful. It is sharp and the tonal range is great. The edge effects from pyro enhance the tight grain of the film.

I find I have to fix, do the after-developer bath, and wash TMX longer for the same stain and to get the magenta dye out of the film. I have also found that TMX is a little more tolerant of time and temp differences in pyro than in XTOL, which is the only other developer I have used with TMX.

Hope this helps.


Dave Tolcher
18-May-2002, 15:11
Ditto experience - TMax 100 is very nice in Pyro. Good tonality and more forgiving than other developers I have tried.

William D. Lester
22-May-2002, 15:54
My experience is the same as the above 2 responses.

Philippe Bachelier
4-Jun-2002, 11:18
TMY in PMK is also a very good match. If the film is not too much developed (to avoid too much contrast and TMax film can easily get too contrasty from overdevelopment), you can overexpose it to get a lot of shadow details while keeping detailed highlights.