View Full Version : Sinar Shutter on Horseman LE?

Andy Eads
17-May-2002, 19:05
I have seen several different types of behind-the-lens shutters made by Sinar on Ebay. Do any of them fit the Horseman monorail cameras? I am concerned that the y will clear the standard without interference. Thanks! Andy

Per Volquartz
17-May-2002, 19:56
Sinar shutters do not extend below the area where the bellows attach. In addition they are flush with Sinar front standard sides. The shutters do extend above the standard. The mechanical shutter not by much but the digital shutter by 2+ inches. Horseman and Sinar (to my knowledge) share lensboards - and possibly bellows. If you can attach a Horseman lens board on the inside of your front standard there is a good possibility that Sinar shutters will work.

There are a couple of other things to think about if you decide to use Sinar shutters:

1. The mechanical shutter tends to be a bit noisy - and if not properly adjusted - can create vibrations (no problem if you shoot in a studio using strobes...). 2. The digital shutter (at least the one I have) works like a dream. But it does require a battery that attaches to the Sinar rail. 3. To take full advantage of Sinar shutters your lenses should be in DBM mount = the DB mount that allows you to override the f-stop settings. However the shutters do work well with barrel lenses and with regular lenses (as long as these lenses are mounted on lensboards that place the lens elements in front of the shutter blades).

There are a couple of advantages to using a single shutter for all lenses: consistency of shutter speeds / no variation from lens to lens. The shutters are self cocking and when using DB or DBM lenses will make your view camera function in a way that is similar to a single lens reflex camera: you insert a film holder = the lens stops down, shutter closes and is cocked and ready. You remove the film holder, the lens opens up to full aperture, ready for focus, composition check...