View Full Version : Maxwell extreme wide-angle fresnel GG

Steve Baggett
16-May-2002, 22:37
I spoke with Bill Maxwell (Maxwell Precision Optics) today about a custom fitted extreme wide-angle fresnel GG that he makes, to be used on my DLC45. (Bill is super knowledgeable, BTW, and a pleasure to talk to.) This is not his regular f resnel GG but a special one designed specifically for 47mm to 110mm lenses (4x5) . (He states that it does not work well with regular focal lengths.) Has anyon e used one of these special GG's and how well do they work? Thanks.

Howard Slavitt
16-May-2002, 22:42
I have a special fresnel that Bill made for me for 6 cm x 9 cm, using 58 mm - 75 mm lenses. It's a pleasure to use. Very bright, contrasty, and very easy to focus. Bill did not oversell the fresnel; the pre-sales information he provided me was accurate.