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2-Nov-2010, 13:58
Hello, My last question about this camera found no joy so I would like to try again with another angle in hopes that there is someone out there who knows this equipment. One can buy for the 45FA a 4x5 graflok connecting frame. Does anyone know if with this accessory one can then attach a graflok spring back to the camera? Thanks, Stephen

2-Nov-2010, 14:16
I believe so, yes. Horseman makes a spring back that just clips right into the standard horseman connecting frame.

I'll see if I can get the part number for you when I get home.

2-Nov-2010, 23:25
Ok - from my old BH catalog.

4x5 Groundglass - Spring Back (23708)

Requires 4x5 connecting frame (23707) to mount onto main frame. (which, I believe is what you have)

3-Nov-2010, 08:17
Of course, one question I have, is doesn't the 45FA already have a spring back on it? You shouldn't need the connecting frame.

edit: found your previous post.

Many of the backs for horseman, including the 6x9 reducing backs, are connected via graflok already. So it's possible you can just swap any graflok spring back on already, no connecting frame required. But without seeing the FA in person I cannot say for sure.

Are you sure it's a 45FA and not a VH?

john biskupski
5-Nov-2010, 04:33
The 45FA model has a "Graflock-type International spring back" according to their documentation. Horseman roll-film backs are designed to fit straight onto the 45FA. The standard 45FA back however is not as fully polyvalent as a real Graflock back, for example the travel of the bail arms do not permit inserting thicker instant pack film holders like the Fuji PA45 or Polaroid 550.

If a full Graflock back could be mounted on it and the thicker instant pack holders mounted, that would be good news for 45FA users.

Ken Kapinski
5-Nov-2010, 08:45
It sounds like you have a 45 FA with a 6x9 roll film back? Which means you should already have the connecting frame and all you would need is a 4x5 ground glass spring back. Now, having owned a FA in the past, and having the misfortune of losing the connecting frame along with the ground glass back, I can tell you that the FA parts are different then the parts for their L series cameras. For example, the connecting frame for the FA is part #23709. Now, I am almost certain the the ground glass spring back for the FA is also different than #23708 but its been so long I just don't remember. Probably your best bet would be to contact Horseman (http://www.komamura.co.jp/e/index.html) themselves.

Repair station for Horseman: Nippon Photoclinic, Inc.

Email: NipponPC@aol.com
Phone: 212 982 3177
Person in charge: Casey Akagi


p.s. If it turns out ground glass spring back #23708 will work for you let me know, I have an extra floating around the house.

5-Nov-2010, 11:44
Ken - how odd - I would have thought they'd stay modular rather than having to double up accessories from the L series. Thanks for the additional info. Hopefully from all our rambling, the OP has found some new information and directions to look.

6-Nov-2010, 14:29
Thanks, fellows. I think I can wade thru all this info and understand it. The camera has a 6x12 rollfilm back on it but it appears to be a single unit. In other words, the frame piece is part of the rollfilm device. In any case, I have written Casey at Horseman and maybe he'll be able to help.

Cheers, Stephen