View Full Version : Ednalite 375mm process lens

Jim Fitzgerald
1-Nov-2010, 21:10
I have one of these lenses and I can not find any info on it. You know coverage, etc. F-9 to F45. Anyone have one or use one. Thanks.


Louis Pacilla
2-Nov-2010, 10:01
Hi Jim

I neither have one or have used one .However giving it's a process lens my bet is it would mimic a Goerz Artar in most ways (coverage & character) .
I would guess your coverage will be around 310-320mm IC at f22 & will not grown much after that.

Hope that helps a little


Jim Fitzgerald
2-Nov-2010, 19:03
Louis thanks. Guess the best thing is to shoot some film and have a look.