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31-Oct-2010, 12:12
I'm planning to get a new rig next year to replace my too heavy 5x7. I carry my gear on a bike either in a day pack on my back or in panniers on the rear rack.

I'm looking at the Chamonix 5x7 convertible and the WP cameras which are close in size and weight. If I get the WP I would get a reducing back for those times I want 5x7 .

What I would like to know is how much of a pain is the way the front standard has to be unscrewed to fold the camera closed? How much of a hassle is this in cold weather?

I want to leave a lens on at all times. Is there a concern with this? In short I fold the camera and put it back in my pack when moving to a different location, then unpack again. I like speed and simplicity in this process.

I have a 110mm lens and wonder if the movements will be restricted from bellows compression when using this lens on the WP camera with the 5x7 back.

If you have any direct experience with either of these two cameras I'd like to hear from you.