View Full Version : How much should a OMEGA SUPER CHROMEGA D-XL ENLARGER go for?

31-Oct-2010, 08:20
I am interested in purchasing a OMEGA SUPER CHROMEGA D-XL ENLARGER with timer, color head and the seller is asking 275.00. It appears to be in good condition. Is this a fair price. They also are selling a cold light, cropping plate, foot switch, and color analyzer for additional cost. I really want to try my 4x5's in the darkroom. Right now I have a beseller 23cII.

31-Oct-2010, 08:26
Grab it!

Robert Ley
31-Oct-2010, 17:35
If the enlarger is in reasonably good condition, that is a great deal on an outstanding enlarger. You may be able to get one cheaper but you will be hard pressed to get a better one.
What are they asking for the extras? If they are as reasonable with the extras as they are with the enlarger, grab that too.

Let us know what they want and what is included in the extras and we can give you better idea if it is worth it.

Good Luck on your new darkroom endeavors.

neil poulsen
31-Oct-2010, 19:49
It all depends on the local market. I picked up a D5 with the most recent chromega head for $60 or so. It was on Craigslist for weeks before I finally bought it as a backup.

31-Oct-2010, 20:44
You don't say where you are located. The shipping charges for 4x5 enlargers can be very expensive. If this is pick-up only, and you can inspect before you buy, and it is in good shape, and it includes a dichroic light source,... buy it.

I bought a Beseler 45MXT for just $99 plus $50 for shipping. It came in a huge box stuffed with peanuts only, not other packing, and the frame was bent. How do you bend one of those things? Was not worth the cost of returning it so I just ate the money and picked up another one later. A bird in the hand...

Brian Ellis
1-Nov-2010, 07:22
If you consider what it cost new it's an incredible bargain. If you consider what 4x5 enlargers go for these days (sometimes free, plenty in the $50 range) it's on the high side. But if you consider just what you're getting for how much money - which is a great enlarger that should suit your 4x5 printing needs for years to come - the price seems fine assuming everything is in good shape and you don't have to have it shipped. I assume that negative carriers are included in the $275 price.

As for the extras, obviously the price is the determining factor but in general I'd get the foot switch - they're a big convenience in freeing up a hand when you're dodging, burning, etc. - I wouldn't mess with the analyzer because they'll only get you in the ballpark at best and with some experience you'll be able to do that yourself without needing an analyzer. These are often listed on ebay and rarely find a buyer. You can make b&w prints with your color head so I'd get the cold light only if it's almost given to you (like $5-$10) or if you want something to use for b&w as a backup to the color head. I don't know what a "cropping plate" is.

I'd probably offer the seller a low price for all the extras - like $25 or so. If they're smart they'll take it, there's almost no market for these items sold separately from an enlarger.

Robert Budding
1-Nov-2010, 08:33
It's a terrible price. Could you send me the contact information?

1-Nov-2010, 09:12
It's a decent price. I got mine (D5XL enlarger, head and Chromegatrol timer & baseboard) for $150 locally. Offer $200 and have him throw in the footswitch...if he says no, then just go for it.

Drew Wiley
1-Nov-2010, 10:27
Heck, these things never seem to wear out. Just a new bulb once in awhile. I wouldn't
pass it up.

Brian C. Miller
20-Jun-2011, 16:44
Buy it! If it has to be shipped, then tell the seller to put lots of extra padding around the negative carrier stage. My negative carrier stage got bent by UPS, and a replacement was under $200.

Gem Singer
20-Jun-2011, 17:02

Check the original posting date.

Brian C. Miller
22-Jun-2011, 20:59
Ack! I hate it when I do that. Too bad the forum software doesn't color the dates, it would give a good visual clue.