View Full Version : Tungsten transparency film

Andrzej Maciejewski
31-Oct-2010, 04:56
Does anyone know where to get 4x5 TUNGSTEN transparency film?

I have seen some at B+H a while ago but it seems to be gone (that was the Quick load which I don't like too much but if there is no choice.....oh, well).

31-Oct-2010, 08:59
Not fresh. Not made any longer. Try ebay.

31-Oct-2010, 09:24
All out of production. But in my experience Provia has a better long time exposure behaviour than all the classic T films (which had not been updated after the seventies) and will be effectively faster with filter thrown in for long time exposures, with less colour drift to boot - so there is a working substitute.

Andrzej Maciejewski
1-Nov-2010, 04:24
I found some on eBay and it is almost 3 years old but they say it was cold stored.
Provia suggestion sounds worth trying.

1-Nov-2010, 04:35
T never drifted. Best in daylight with an orange 85B. Compare 6min. to 60min. exposures. It's worth getting your hands on just one box to try.

Douglas Henderson
3-Nov-2010, 22:27

I used to use Tungsten transparency 4x5 and 8x10 film--but it looks to have been phased out. I have some very old film, but from tests, it appears to be dying.

Fortunately, I've found Provia RDPIII to be an excellent substitute. Good color, tonal range and just sharp as can be. I shoot under tungsten lights with an 80A gel filter behind the lens. Fujifilm has discontinued the 10 sheet/50 sheet boxes in 8x10 and now sells the film in 20 sheet boxes. Not sure if they have done the same for 4x5. Anyway, 8x10 Provia is tough to get--B&H and Adorama have had it on back order for ages.

Andrzej Maciejewski
4-Nov-2010, 15:00
I asked Fuji what film would be best for working under tungsten light with the filter and they replied: Astia. Would anyone know why?