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Thom Bennett
30-Oct-2010, 08:41
So, I picked up a 4x5 Grafmatic back from a retired photographer, cleaned it up and set up the 4x5 to give it a dry run and found that it is too large (top to bottom) to actually fit into my Sinar back. I took off the gg but it won't fit in Graflock mode either. What gives? Were these designed sctrictly for press cameras? Thanks for your insight.

30-Oct-2010, 08:55
You might have a Grafmatic that was made only for the press camera.
If the back has a model number that begins with 11, then I believe you're out of luck.
If it begins with 12 (I think it's 1268) then it should work. Sometimes when loading the Grafmatic onto a camera, it will only go in so far, and needs an extra little push to click the final part into its seat.
I hope that helps.

Thom Bennett
30-Oct-2010, 09:23
Thanks Ari, I'll check the model # when I get home.

30-Oct-2010, 18:44
As Ari Points Out, You May Have One Made For The (rb) The Slr, #1168 There
Are Not As Many Of These As The 1268, So It Should Not Be Hard To Sell. If However It Is
The 1268 It Should Fit Good Luck Joe A

Jim Noel
30-Oct-2010, 21:26
It definitely was made for the Graflex, not the Graflok back

Thom Bennett
31-Oct-2010, 09:03
Yes, the model # is 1168. Thanks for the info.

31-Oct-2010, 09:17
Graflex (SLR) Grafmatics have a wider and shorter attachment than Graflok and ("Press") spring back holders, and don't fit at all (and can't be made to fit). Joseph is right, 1168's are more sought after, so you should not lose anything over a swap or sale.