View Full Version : Interesting computerised LF camera, not sure its been mentioned here

Dan Fromm
29-Oct-2010, 06:20
http://www.gfae.ch/ and click on the CAPcam link

29-Oct-2010, 12:34
I guess you need small circular film :)

29-Oct-2010, 13:12
No, it has a digital back on it (bellows removed for the photos to show off the camera).

I think it would be perfect, along with the motorized 100 sheet 4x5 film back, for remote-controlled LF images on the moon. Set it up on the moon buggy and off it goes! :p

John Schneider
29-Oct-2010, 13:26

Jack Dahlgren
29-Oct-2010, 19:14
I guess you need small circular film :)

The disc is back!