View Full Version : Strange Collinear 105/6.3

28-Oct-2010, 08:38
Any one know that this lens is original or modified? It has two rings on the lens group.

Steven Tribe
28-Oct-2010, 08:49
The shutter was probably designed for an F4.5 tessar type so an adapter ring was provided for the upgrade to a Collinear. From a high class German folder 6x9cm perhaps?

28-Oct-2010, 08:57
Steven, thanks for your quick post. Do you mean that it's originally used for a Tessar 4.5 and re-mounted for Collinear? But the shutter showed Voigtlander. Maybe used for Heliar 105/4.5 originally? If so, this will have big problem for Collinear cause the the distance between front and rear group are different.

Steven Tribe
28-Oct-2010, 09:22
Lots of people made tessars under various names. I didn't notice the Voigtländer addition on the shutter. The shutter could have been provided on a camera (6x9 Bergheil?) with with the option of using a Heliar or Collinear. The collinear would have been the slightly cheaper alternative. I'll check voigtländer options with Collinear.

28-Oct-2010, 11:26
But the 10.5cm Collinear was sold for 8.5 x 10cm(?) or 9 x 12cm formats.


Steven Tribe
28-Oct-2010, 11:37
So it was! One gets so used to the 10.5cm standard for 6x9 and 13cm (approx) for 9x12cm and etc.
It makes more sense now. The alternative lens on a Bergheil 9x12 would have been a 13.5cm Radiar (f6.8) or 15cm Heliar (F4.5) with perhaps the Collinear as a more wide alternative.

Tim Deming
2-Nov-2010, 12:53
What does the aperature scale read? is it calibrated to f6.3? Does the scale look original?

I have a lens on an ICA camera that was professionally retrofitted with (much older) collinear lens cells. It has an aperture scale that was added on top of the original scale. Voigtlander provided collinear cells for fitting into a variety of other shutters, but usually not their own shutters, and these cell sets were usually much older than yours (usually a collinear III f6.8).

This looks like the shutter was retrofitted for the collinear from some other original lens. If original from Voigtlander, I would expect that these cells would have just been placed in a smaller shutter. However, strange things turn up all the time so it's hard to really know for sure.



Ole Tjugen
2-Nov-2010, 13:13
Strange - my sales brochures list several alternatives for 6x9 Bergheils, including 10.5 Heliar, Collinear, and Skopar; as well as 12cm Heliar. Not Radiar - that would be used on a VAG or Avus.

The 9x12cm ones had a mixture of 13.5 and 15cm lenses, plus the Tele-Dynar.

Addendum: Oh - I see. the list on cameraeccentric is for the lenses and what formats they were recommended for. That is NOT the same list as what was actually sold with the cameras!