View Full Version : Schneider G-Claron 240/f9 in barrel, Packard shutter?

Daniel luu Van Lang
16-May-2002, 08:19
Hi all, Does anybody know which size of Packard shutter is needed for a G-Claron 240/f9? Is it the best choice? I think get it mounted on a modern shutter would be very expensive.Thank's for your helpfull contribution!!

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
16-May-2002, 09:28
Daniel, I am pretty sure that the 240/9 screws directly into a no. 1 shutter, so mounting should be nothing more than the price of the shutter and the aperture scale.

Lots of information on Packard Shutters here (http://www.hubphoto.com/ packard-shutters.htm).

Clayton Tume
16-May-2002, 20:42

Jason is right, the cells screw straight into a copal 1 shutter, I have one in this shutter. The shutters are easy to find and not too expensive.

Daniel luu Van Lang
17-May-2002, 06:55
Thank you for your help, I'm going to look for one one Ebay.