View Full Version : 2d Gg

peter ramm
27-Oct-2010, 10:44
I am just getting my 2D up and running. The GG on it is fine, but dark. Any suggestions for specific replacement parts and sources?


Richard Rankin
27-Oct-2010, 11:05
I've been happy with the ground glass I've gotten from Steve Hopf.

27-Oct-2010, 11:43
Make your own, it's a lot easier than you think...

Plenty of resources on the web.


Richard Wasserman
27-Oct-2010, 11:52
+1 for Steve Hopf!

Peter De Smidt
27-Oct-2010, 17:57
Did you clean the ground glass with detergent and running water?

peter ramm
29-Oct-2010, 11:08
Thanks for the comments. The existing GG is 1/4", and looks like it's cut from a sheet of standard glass. Bit too thick and coarse and dark even at 5.6. I have ordered a 0.2" replacement from Steve Hopf. Kinda silly for an old 2D, but I do want to enjoy using it.

jan labij
29-Oct-2010, 11:22
I don't think it's silly at all. My R.O.C. has a dull GG also. I didn't realize this until I got a Burke&james 5X7. Something is different as I can focus on it at f11, and f9 is very bright. I don't know what the difference is but I'm going to look for something to brighten up the 8X10 image.