View Full Version : The Most Compact Filter Case for Cokin P Filters?

27-Oct-2010, 09:08
Looking for the most compact filter case for cokin P Filters. I currently have four cokin P filters, so a case that holds ~6 filters would be best. The Cokin P case they come in (from the factory) is just a total space waste, and it has too much room.. Any suggestions for a nice slim, protective case/wallet I can carry all four filters in?

Louie Powell
27-Oct-2010, 09:15
I use a CD case. It was a convention giveaway - free. Can't beat the price, and very compact.

Mark Stahlke
27-Oct-2010, 09:18
Take a look at CD wallets. There is a wide variety of sizes and styles available and they are usually inexpensive.

27-Oct-2010, 09:41
Is there anything on ebay that I could pickup and that you recommend? What is the actual cokin filter wallet like?