View Full Version : Ektar 100 Long Exposure & Reciprocity Failure

27-Oct-2010, 02:59

I'm interested in trying out some 4x5 Ektar 100 for some long exposure images in the 30 sec to 1 min range. I've looked around but can't find much info on how it will behave under those conditions. I plan on experimenting, but any advice on where to start is much appreciated.

Eric James
27-Oct-2010, 09:17
Kodak's data sheet isn't very helpful. It suggests experimentation, as you plan:


I suspect that this is because it doesn't handle long exposures well - there are some discussions on FlickR supporting this notion. Perhaps you can use the green shift to your advantage.

Here's an APUG discussion:


Jim Noel
27-Oct-2010, 14:55
Personal expedrimentation is usually the best answer.