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adrian j schafgans
15-May-2002, 10:20
I recently picked up a Goerz Gotar 16 1/2" lens at a great price and was wondering if the optical glass was actually quartz as some rumor has it. Said to be great for floral landscapes because of the uv reflection issue. It fits into my empty slot for focal lengths thus completing the ranges in barrels. When I get it mounted I will post a pic and give you a short rev

15-May-2002, 15:15
Don't know why this would be a good idea - I would think that you would want to reject U.V. so the colors are not contaminated.

Per Volquartz
15-May-2002, 18:57
If the elements are indeed made out of quartz the primary use for such a lens could be for museum restauration work = the ability to see though layers of pigment on a painting...or for forensic use... ...or for shooting unusual still lifes using primarily unseen UV light...

Colin Carron
16-May-2002, 19:27

The info I have says that the Gotar name was used for a series of process lenses which may account for the reputation. No mention of quartz though.