View Full Version : Polaroid "Chocolate"

mark lindsey
14-May-2002, 20:09
ever heard of this anyone? saw this mentioned at the santa fe workshop site that is offering a 20x24 polaroid camera course.


Michael J. Kravit
14-May-2002, 20:27

The polaorid chocolate is a lovely print medium. I forget the real name however. I saw some images produced by Joyce Tenneson done on this polaroid material, very very nice.


Bill Jefferson
15-May-2002, 05:18
Hi Mark, Its a cross between color negative and b&w sheet, I think using the B&W developer, same thing is done with the 8X10, a little tricky but the components can be swapped in the 4x5 packet.

Tracy Storer
15-May-2002, 10:03
Mark, here's your answer, Mike "Chocolate" IS the real name. As Bill pointed out, we use the negative from Polacolor, and the receiver sheet and pod from the 400 speed B+W. This is a slightly different combo than for 8x10.(only 100 speed B+W) 20x24 is the only format where "Chocolate" ships from Polaroid, in all other formats one must buy one box each of color and balck and white and assemble the film.(wasting half the components of each box) Tracy Storer, Polaroid 20x24 Studio, San Francisco