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13-May-2002, 21:10
Hi all, I was wondering how the 80mm xl users liked their lens. Didnt find too much in the forum on this lens. Some complained that it wasnt as good as the 110xl and it was hard to focus despite it's 4.5 aperture.Is this true? Is it not very good open wide or close to that setting, and how good is it at f22? Was it all that was hoped for/expected or a partial dissapointment? Looking forward to your answ ers.

Michael J. Kravit
13-May-2002, 21:48

I own a 80XL for about a year now and have found it to be an excellent, small, lightweight and sharp lens. Now let me say that I am not a technician and have not tested it against my 110 XL but I can see no critical difference.

Perhaps someone else has tested the lens for resolution.

I enjoy using it and have no intention to sell it for anything else at this time.


Mark Windom
14-May-2002, 00:26
I've only had mine for a couple of weeks with limited opportunity to use it but my initial experience is this: very sharp at 16-32, somewhat soft wide open which makes critical focusing a challenge at times. I actually find focusing at 5.6 to be easier than at 4.5. In spite of the difficulty I have encountered I would recommend the lens for it's performance at the smaller apertures and it's small size and light weight.

Roger Marques
14-May-2002, 02:45
I've been using it for almost a year now. It is a fantastic wide angle lens for 4x5 and an ideal all around lens for 6x7. Focusing is very easy; excelent resolution at f22. A center filter is not mandatory in the majority of cases.

14-May-2002, 05:50
I'd be interested to know if this lens is sharper, or has other advantages (apart from wider max aperture) over the Schneider 90mm F8.

I own the 90mm F8 and would realy like something with a brighter max aperture to make crtical focusing easier. Is the 80mm XL a better choice?


William Stone
14-May-2002, 12:14
Emile - I find my 80XL to be an excellent performer. It is sharp and contrasty and I don't find it particularly difficult to focus, even wide open. I generally shoot it pretty well stopped down and haven't tested with any wide open exposures.

I do feel that, for my work, the lens does benefit from the use of a center filter. I shoot 4x5 color landscapes on transparency film. On some evenly-illuminated scenes, such as lots of blue sky, the corners are sufficiently darkened to be a bit problematic. Just good old optics and light doing their things. The center filter does take care of the problem and, once it's been paid for and you forget about the additional cost, is not really a complication...except when you want to use other filters as well.

I also use the 110XL, which I, like most, absolutely love. I'd probably say the 80 is not quite as good a performer as the 110, but not many lenses are! They work well together and cover the wider end of my lens spectrum nicely.

From my experience, I recommend the 80XL.

Good luck...Bill

16-May-2002, 23:30
Thanks all for the info/posts regarding the 80mm xl.I appreaciate it much!