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21-Oct-2010, 16:43
I'll be in Taos In a week or so. any ideas for locations especially for outdoor nudes/bodyscapes? Will it be too cold?

Nathan Potter
21-Oct-2010, 17:28
If it is a sunny day it should warm up to the 60s or 70s so that should be compatible with naked bodies. I think you might look for something along the Rio Grande river. There are pullouts between Taos and Santa Fe where you can get privacy in the shrubbery along the river.

I would try the Rte 570 loop road off main road 68 that connects Pilar to Ranchos de Taos. It runs nicely along the river and IIRC there is an interesting picnic area part way along - quite private. May even be some late fall color to be found down by the river and that could aid in framing.

Further south from Taos at Velarde there is a road on the west side of the Rio Grande, 582 which you can access off 68 at Lyden where there is a bridge across the river. Drive north on 582 til the road turns to dirt and ends just north of Velarde. This is a pretty private area with some attractive dry washes coming in from the hills to the west. These dry washes are very private. Don't do this road if the surface is wet; the mud is deep and dangerous - there is a chance you'll slide off into the river.

Places really too numerous to mention but in general best to avoid the high country in November.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

22-Oct-2010, 13:10
Thanks Nate!

29-Nov-2010, 23:09
Just thought I would mention, though its been a while since this was posted. Might save some future reader a few lost hours even if its too late for cyrus.

The road Nate is referring to washed out at least a decade ago. There is a nice rec area (BLM) down there near and towards Pilar from the Pilar Junction bridge, but the old road only continues a half mile north of the bridge now. On the other side of the river NM567 continues up towards Carson, Ojo, TP etc on the west side of the gorge, there are some hiking trails and the Rim Road heads north toward the Gorge Bridge where 567 turns west. On the east side the remnants of the old road are there, its blocked to vehicles but I gather you can still walk it to Llano / Ranchos. Its more private than the rest of the rec area, though I've shot nudes several places along the river between Embudo and that washout up the old road... be careful, lots of tourists at times and some are in the river fishing or rafting if its warm enough. Also NM567 is not always advisable after bad weather or with a low clearance car.

Frank Petronio
29-Nov-2010, 23:39
This was done along the river, about 10 miles South of Taos, albeit in June.

Also, off topic, but she peed. Sorry Texans, I know you drunk it already.

30-Nov-2010, 03:00
The few times I have been to Taos, the only thing I can add is:

Advisable to bring your own nudes. Oh, and a shutter or timer bulb if you are the subject.

30-Nov-2010, 05:23
This was done along the river, about 10 miles South of Taos, albeit in June.

Also, off topic, but she peed. Sorry Texans, I know you drunk it already.

FRank, since she claims to be a huge Cowboys fan, most Texans won't mind :D