View Full Version : Which sticky tape for negative mask?

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
13-May-2002, 15:32
I'm about to try unsharp masking. Would much appreciate recommendations for bes t kind of tape to stick the mask to the negative. Many thanks to all who make this board so helpful!

Scott Walton
13-May-2002, 15:42
For overlays that we do at work sometimes, we use silver mylar tape. It is very thin and VERY sticky. It is made by Scotch and is #850. We get it in 1/4" and 1/2". If you stick it to the emulsion though by mistake, it will take the emusion with it when peeled up!!!!

Bruce Pottorff
13-May-2002, 16:21
As per Howard Bond's rec., I've been using ordinary Scotch brand 'Magic' tape for years with no problems. It can be safely removed.

John Hennessy
14-May-2002, 11:58
I took Howard Bond's class and he used ordinary Scotch (3M) Magic tape. It is removable; I don't know anything about its archival qualities nor its availability in Israel. Its main attribute for masking is that it is removable; i.e., it does not stick very very but holding two negative together does not need much power. So any similar tape would would work I suppose.