View Full Version : source for B&W 11X14 and larger in Europe

Daniel luu Van Lang
12-May-2002, 19:17
Hi all, Anybody knows if 11X14" and 16X20" B&W films are available in Europe? Thank's for your help.

Bjorn Nilsson
12-May-2002, 19:58
Among others Lotus cameras in Austia sells those sizes: http://www.lotusviewcamera.at/ (http://www.lotusviewcamera.at/) They also sell PMK Pyro and other interesting stuff.

Walter Glover
12-May-2002, 20:53

Bergger is produced in your native France and must be available there. They are affiliated with Lotus.

Linhof & Studio in London supply both - you can contact paula Pell-Johnson for advice.

Walter Glover

Jeff Scott
12-May-2002, 22:00
Ilford makes HP5+ in ULF sizes, try and find a dealer there who will order it for you.

Jimmy Peguet
13-May-2002, 02:20
Bergger in Paris <http://www.bergger.fr> sells 11 x 14 and larger sheet films.

Guillaume Zuili
13-May-2002, 11:40
Hi I got 20 boxes of Bergger in 4x10 ordered from Prophot in Paris. It took me two months to get them. You can ask any size, just be patient. www.prophot.com 49, rue Condorcet 75009 Paris Cheers