View Full Version : Push ISO 400 film

18-Oct-2010, 17:02
I have TXP, TMY I, HP5, which of these film are great for push to ISO 800 or ISO 1600?

18-Oct-2010, 17:19
Tried it and let us know.

18-Oct-2010, 17:38
None. In fact I know of no film that is "great" when underexposed for LF photography. In hand-held photography, the added sharpness from higher shutter speed can be balanced favorably with the loss of shadow detail in some situations. But in LF photography, underexposure just makes useless negatives. :)

18-Oct-2010, 18:37
Whatever. I regularly push T-Max 400 two stops, develop in Clayton f-60 1-9 75 degrees for 15 minutes, light agitation.

You'll love the results. Excellent shadow detail. You can pretty much set your own speed with this film, and develop accordingly with very good shadow detail. Expect more grain.

19-Oct-2010, 03:53
The short answer is you need to test to find out. The issue is you need some kind of compensating developer, which ever you choose, and need to cut highlight development as they usually get enough light its the shadows that have issues. You need long enough development times to bring up the shadows, that are under exposed, while keeping highlights from getting to much development. Gentle agitation, two bath processes, 2 or more minutes between agitation, diluted developer, and testing of many possible combination's of multiple techniques are the only way to know what works for your film and developer choice.