View Full Version : 65mm lens on a Tachihara 4x5

Mike Anich
12-May-2002, 19:13
Has anyone used a 65mm lens on a Tachihara? Did you use it with a flat or recessed lensboard? Did you have much movement?

Paul Coppin
12-May-2002, 21:00
I have a 65mm Schneider SA in a Compur 0 shutter that I use on a Tachi. The stock flat board works with this lens - part of the secret is to move the rear standard fwd the inch or so the slides permit, and the front standard back most of the way. You likely will have to tilt the back standard back to drop the bed, and then tilt the lens to match to drop the bed out of view. Sliding the rear standard fwd, prior to tilts helps to get the bed out of the view. Rear swings are limited to abt 2/3 (20deg?+/-)by the fwd movement. Front swings and tilts are good. Since the lens has a relatively small image circle and the bellows is packed pretty tight, you have to watch your corners. When it's set up, the lens looks like the rear element must be sitting on the film! :)

Mario Caruso
19-May-2002, 12:31
I use the Tachi with an ApoGrandagon 55 mounted on a 10 mm recessed panel without problem.

I work very often on MF with some Calumet and with that lens I can rise and tilt for all my needs.

Good wishes.