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Ron Marshall
17-Oct-2010, 15:15

17-Oct-2010, 17:55
If you are on Facebook, Clyde Butcher is there now: http://www.facebook.com/clydebutcher

17-Oct-2010, 20:20
When I was there last week Oprah Winfrey was there too, fly fishing. The park was overcrowded, over run and over used. I've never see it so bad that I couldn't get off a path and get alone. The people were like flies on a rib roast, will it stop me in the future? No, I love that place.

18-Oct-2010, 12:44
Wow, it was that busy in mid-October? That sounds more like what I expect in July.

Likewise, it won't keep me from going back (nothing likely would).

Thanks for the LA Times link - some interesting stuff in there.

Drew Wiley
19-Oct-2010, 13:07
First real storm and cold snap of the season has gone through last few days, with more
snow in high country. The crowds should be subsiding pretty fast in the Valley by Nov.
Since the elevation there is modest, Nov is the months fall color typically begins.