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17-Oct-2010, 11:01
Unfortunately, Kodak Polytoner disappeared before I had a chance to use any. I like the tones from it that I see in example photos. Kodak publishes a formula for a subsitute (http://www.kodak.com/global/plugins/acrobat/en/service/chemicals/CIS268.pdf) but it looks like a real pain to mix on a casual basis.

Is there a commercially available direct toner that is the equivalent of Kodak PolyToner?

Oren Grad
17-Oct-2010, 11:24
This one, perhaps?


17-Oct-2010, 14:02
Thanks. I will check it out.

17-Oct-2010, 22:39
A session of multi-toning can approximate it, ie, tone a print in selenium, then ferri bleach, and tone in thiocarbamide toner mixed with more thio than sod hydroxide. You can stop there or go on to tone again in selenium, depending on what you're after.

Papers all vary, and the dilutions and times will give you more variables than you know what to do with, but this can give great results. Even Ilford MG tones well with this process.

Steve Wright
25-Oct-2010, 20:16
You might want to stay away from the sufide toners. Hydrogen sulfide gas which smells BAD and will fog any photo paper close by....

Try this ( PhotoKB 10/05 Richard Knoppow:
Powdered Selenium is quite hazardous and must be handled
with great care. Since an acceptable toner can be made by
combining Kodak Brown Toner and Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner
it seems to me to be a better solution. However, its
interesting to know what the actual formula for Polytoner is
(or something quite close to it).
The formula I tried and found works well is as follows.
Instead of making a stock solution and diluting it 1:3 I
make it up in working strength. The test solution I made up
a couple of months ago is still working so it evidently
keeps fairly well.

Water 500.0 ml
Sodium Carbonate, anhydrous 160.0 grams
Kodak Brown Toner 320.0 ml
Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner 80.0 ml
Water to make 1.0 liter

Dilute 1: 3 for use.
Tone 3 to 5 minutes at 68F. And clear in Kodak Hypo Clearing
Source: _Modern Photography_, December 1953, p.87

I find that this formula tones very quickly at room
temperature. 1 minute is enough for most papers. The purpose
of the KHCA is to remove any stain. While a water wash
immediately after toning seems to work treating in KHCA or
Sodium Sulfite will remove any staining and prevent after
toning in the wash.
This formula probably does not exactly duplicate the
tones produced by either Polytoner or the Kodak formula in
the PDF above but it is different from either KBT or KRST.
It is very easy to mix and does not involve any seriously
hazardous chemicals.


25-Oct-2010, 21:47

Thanks for the info.

Do you know the purpose of anhydrous sodium carbonate?
I wonder what would happen if it were omitted?

Robert Hall
26-Oct-2010, 07:00
As an FYI, I have quite a stock of Kodak Brown toner as well as the "New" Viradon toner. If anyone needs some, PM me. It can also be had at Freestyle in LA and I noticed that they also have a brown toner from LegacyPro, whom ever they may be.