View Full Version : Toyo Field 4x5 Rangefiner

16-Oct-2010, 19:32
Is there any way to convert the Toyo Field 4x5 to a rangefinder for hand held use...?

matthew klos
16-Oct-2010, 20:53
I don't know about converting it to a rangefinder, BUT i have shot the toyo (plastic) field camera, as a hand camera on the street. Worked nicley.

Frank Petronio
16-Oct-2010, 21:56
You can buy separate rangefinders, there are dozens of various vintage models from the 1960s and earlier, plus a few modern laser- and Sonar-based versions. Those Chinese point-and-shoot large format cameras sold a modern optical rangefinder as an accessory.

Then using ground glass focusing, make a focusing scale by marking off known measured distances.... it could be as basic as pencil hashes on a piece of masking tape position alongside a reference pointer on the moving front standard of the camera.

Transfer the measurement from the rangefinder to the front focus.

This is how people did it all the time before coupled rangefinders and the such. Even the first Leica did it like this.

18-Oct-2010, 04:54
Any way to do this would likely be more expensive and troublesome than buying a nice Crown Graphic...

18-Oct-2010, 16:04
can you switch to modern lens' with the crown graphic?

Frank Petronio
18-Oct-2010, 16:32
Of course.

Check the graflex.org website and hire a technician if you need help, but it is possible to adjust the side Kalhart rangefinder to most normal lenses, and in the case of the top rangefinder bodies, find or make a cam for the newer lens.

But before wasting your money on that, try the older Xenar, Optar, Ektar lenses that are usually associated with and adjusted to match with the camera. They are still quite excellent lenses to actually use.