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Steve M Hostetter
16-Oct-2010, 12:51
Hello ,,I was wondering something..

How do I make two Jobo Duo set 2502 reels fit a 2840 drum.. Or do I need more reels to make this work..? Or do I need a 2502 drum ...period..?
Can you also let me know how much cemicals i need to use to cover both 120 and 35mm.. 36 roll


18-Oct-2010, 12:32
I've been pondering this. The 2840 drum was primarily for prints? Just a tube open at both ends? You use a 250x tank and lid to close off both ends? My version has a 120ml cup/light trap in the lid for paper chemicals. I have often wondered how to put film reels in there. Then I got the 2551 tank, reels & center tube and forgot all about the 2840 for roll film. I will see if the 2551 center tube & reels will fit in the 2840 tonight. As for chemical volume: the 2551 requires 650ml-700ml for roll film. The 2840 is longer so I suspect that a greater volume is required. Don't skimp. Been there with the 2551. Won't do that again. I used 800ml to be on the really safe side.

19-Oct-2010, 04:58
I put the whole thing together yesterday afternoon. 2840 drum on top of a 2502 tank. Center tube and 3 reels from the 2551/2553 tank spaced for 120 film in the drum+tank. An extra 120 spaced reel on top of the first 3 reels, 4 reels @ 120 total. The lid with the cup light trap on top of everything and it snapped closed. That's the good news.
The bad news: It's going to take 1 liter minimum of chemicals to cover single rolls of 120 film on the reels. Maybe more. Yikes! I just read your 135-36 requirement. I'm not sure about 135-36. The 2551 tank requirement is 650ml for 135-36 or 220. The only way to know for sure will be to load a test roll and 1 liter of developer and see what happens. You will know if you don't have enough developer.
Good luck.

Steve M Hostetter
19-Oct-2010, 14:50
Hello Wayne,,

Thanks for the information Like you said it will take me some testing my chem cup is only 300ml tops

20-Oct-2010, 05:37
There is a gap between my cup and lid. I can add more liquid while the tank turns on the Uniroller base. Now I know that I have a tank that holds 4 120 reels. Assuming I ever shoot that much film to need the capacity. I think I would get tired of loading reels. 6 rolls of 120 in a 2553 should be more than enough.
Good luck.

Lightbulb: Easy way to determine developer volume for Jobo tanks. Fill with water. Turn on side and let the water run out. What is left is all that the tank can hold. Pour into graduate. Round down a bit to prevent slopping out of the neck of the tank. Your roll film will be fully covered with developer.