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16-Oct-2010, 10:26
I'm new to large format and just bought a 4x5 Cambo SC.
With the purchase, the original owner threw in a Cooke Triple Convertible 12.25" in a Betax No.5 shutter. The lens is in really good shape and cleaned up nicely.
I can't really find anything on the value of these and was debating selling it to get something a little more normal for 4x5.
Thanks in advance for any input.

Steven Tribe
16-Oct-2010, 10:37
This is a late TT&H lens. Why it is called "Cooke" is a puzzle as it has nothing to do with the triplet patent! Series XV - the 12.25" is made for 8x10. Cost just 25 in the 1930's (thanks VM!). I don't think these convertible designs are so popular as photographers these days have many lenses around these days in their "toolbox" and it is not unique. Considered excellent.

16-Oct-2010, 11:56
They are actually quite sought after lenses and don't show up that frequently, how much people will pay though is extremely dependent on the condition. TTH used the Cooke trade name for years, their 1939 BJP Almanac advert says " Cooke Lenses - Pride of Craftsmen and Choice of the Artist".

Unfortunately the shutter with this one is not the most desirable, and they eat cable releases


Mark Sampson
16-Oct-2010, 12:55
A historical note- this type of lens was used by Ansel Adams in the 1940s and '50s to make many of his most famous images... might be a useful selling point.

16-Oct-2010, 13:28
It's value will be significantly higher if it's coated, TTH were early pioneers of coating.


John Bowen
16-Oct-2010, 15:09
It's value is also significantly higher if it was found at a yard sale with some glass plate negatives..... :-)

16-Oct-2010, 18:20
Thanks for all of the info.
It doesn't appear to be coated, and cosmetically, it's probably user grade (brassing, filter thread ding, etc.), but the glass is great.
I milled a lensboard so that it'll fit the camera, so i may just shoot it some.
Thanks again for the advice