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Lars Åke Vinberg
11-May-2002, 15:54
I am planning to travel to Namibia in September this year, primarily for the pur pose of large-format landscape photography. Suggestions from photographers who h ave visited Namibia would be most appreciated.

I would also be interested in finding a travel companion with a strong interest in landscape photography.

Best regards,

?ke Stockholm, Sweden

Arne Croell
12-May-2002, 12:28
I haven't been there (yet), but this web site might be interesting for you: http://www.f32.net/Travel/Namibia.html

Mikhail Arkhipov
12-May-2002, 18:11
I've seen pictures of abandoned mining towns in Namibia - THAT's where I'd love to go! When exactly do you go and what kind of scenery you would like to photograph?

Chad Jarvis
12-May-2002, 19:03
Don't forget to look up (and maybe even take some photos) at night. Namibia is known for having some of the darkest skies on the planet.

13-May-2002, 00:57
Howdy Ake, Last year i went to a Flight Safety maintanance course in Wichita Kansas for the Cessna Conquest Propjet. In my class was a really great gut , named Paul Witt, from namibia. He , like myself, maintains corporate aircraft. I have his e-mail address and will forward this post to him. Maybe he will send you some information or get together with you.


He is of German desent as many people from Namibia are and speaks German, english, and the local language.

Hopefully he will contact you.

miles dallas, texas

13-May-2002, 00:59
should read: really great guy...

Lars Åke Vinberg
13-May-2002, 10:57
Thanks, everyone.


Thanks! You were actually not that far off - "gutt" means boy in Norwegian!


I am planning to take three or four weeks off sometime in September.

Mining towns, sure! I've been to Bodie in California and Humberstone near Iquique in northern Chile. But there seems to be so much more. Sand dunes for sure, ship wrecks on the Skeleton coast, landscape and nature in general. I hear the the light in Namibia is great that time of the year, with low sun and everchanging colors. (We do have great light and low sun up here in Scandinavia too, but with summer sunrise before 4am it's sometimes a bit of an inconvenience... ;-)