View Full Version : 8x10 ERA developing?

Fred Haeseker
15-Oct-2010, 16:22
I've shot some 8x10 for the very first time -- now comes the developing. The film is Chinese ERA, 100 ASA. The developer I'll be using is Ilfotec HC at 1+47 dilution in a Unicolor print drum with motor, and I thought of reducing development time by 15% as a starting point. My problem is that I can't find this combination on the Massive Development Chart, but I've read somewhere (can't remember where) that ERA can be handled like Ilford FP4+ (125 ASA). Has anyone used ERA? Any advice would be much appreciated.

15-Oct-2010, 16:27
if its the chinese film im thinking of then the ones for sale on fleabay say it can be handled like fp4, dev. times and such.

16-Oct-2010, 05:23
Dear Fred,

I am using Era 4x5 film. I prefer to soup it in D-76 1+1. But if you want to use HC-110 and if you meter the light with a spot meter, I suggest to set the ISO to 50 and develop in HC-110 dilution F (1+79 from syrup, 1+19 from stock) for 6 minutes. It's my time with BTZS tube.
If you use incident meter, set the meter to 100 and meter the shadows.
Kind regards,