View Full Version : Web Site Address for the Wehman 8x10 Camera

Kerry L. Thalmann
11-May-2002, 03:17
Does anyone have a current web site address for Bruce Wehman's 8x10 camera? The old one


hasn't been accessible for a while. Anyone know if Bruce is still in the camera business?

Thanks, Kerry

Jimmy Peguet
11-May-2002, 06:32
From a Bruce Wehmann's email :

"...The website is being re-built pending the introduction of a new version of the Wehman Field Camera... You can view the old site at: http://home.insightbb.com/~brucewehman/

The new cameras should be ready to go in a few weeks and the new website shortly thereafter.

The links in the navigation bar won't work, but you can use the links in the body text.