View Full Version : Workshops in New York City Area

Bob Kerner
15-Oct-2010, 06:52
I'm inquiring about LF workshops in the NYC, Long Island area. I'm "returning" to LF after a long time and I never had proper instruction. I read the Simmons book way back when but think I could benefit from some hands on instruction. Don't want to make the same mistake; therefore, I'm looking for workshops or clubs that go over the very basic elements of LF camera handling, mechanics.

I found the Fine Focus Workshops up in NH, but they one for this year has been cancelled. That seems like an optimal model for my needs since they also let participants who don't have a camera borrow one for the workshop.

I know that ICP runs a program in Manhattan, but it's six weeks long in the afternoon as I recall and I cannot wiggle that much time off from work.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Bob Kerner
15-Oct-2010, 15:44
I just realized that this is in the wrong forum. I'm sorry.
Could a moderator please move it up to "Resources," please so I don't have to cross-post.