View Full Version : Dev times for Delta 100 in D-76

Patrick Ingram
11-May-2002, 02:35
Hi. I've been getting into B&W LF stuff, and am trying to get the dev times rig ht on the Jobo. To make things easier, I'm restricting myself to Delta 100. I' m using mostly D-76 1:1 because it's free where I am, but I'm open to change. I was wondering if anyone has run any film tests on this combo and would like to share them? I realize the details vary widely based on your meter, lens, shoe s ize, etc., but it might help as a good starting point. I was hoping to get the true speed, and maybe times for N, N+1, etc. Cts. agitation.


David G Hall
11-May-2002, 11:08

Have you seen http://digitaltruth.com? It's the best and one of the most accurate "starting point" compendiums I have seen.


John Hicks
11-May-2002, 11:48
D-76 1:1 7'50"/68F or 1:3 12'25"/68F EI 100, one minute prerinse.

Patrick Ingram
14-May-2002, 04:29
Thanks to both of the above people. The second response works particularly well.