View Full Version : Front swing mod. for Crown Graphic?

Chris Long
10-May-2002, 18:10
I have heard mention of a conversion so the Crown Graphic can do front swings (n ice to be able to tilt in vert format) I found a thread on this site mentioning something about using a dremel tool to round off the corners of something but I' m wondering if anyone has specific instructions for this. Anyone here tried it?

Also, if this mod is performed do you still have a zero detent or do you just ha ve to hope you get them back to parrallel.

Thanks for any info you can give me. I've been looking everywhere but havn't com e up with anything yet.

Andrew Crump
11-May-2002, 05:56
should find this of interest http://www.cameraquest.com/supercov.htm

11-May-2002, 18:39
The old trick with a Graphic was to reverse the front standard, at least the outer frame. You have to remove the rise knobs, which is tricky since the studs are expanded after the knobs are put on. The lens mount is lifted out of the standard, which requires some gentle spreading to clear. The standard comes off the rail, is reversed and put back. You then just slide the lens mount frame back into the standard and replace the rise knobs. The main thumb knob for locking the entire front standard can simply be swung around on most Graphics (while it is off the camera) so it is on the front still. The little shift lock tab ends up on the back, but that's not a big deal. The lens now will tilt down instead of up. I have a Crown done this way. It does away with the drop bed feature for wide-angle, since that is what you turn around. I have not heard of the grinder method, and I haven't looked at the above link either, so I may be a little behind here!