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Gordon Coale
11-Oct-2010, 15:13
I just picked up this Cambo 45SR. The gear for the shift doesn't seem to work. It just spins in place and doesn't engage the rack. It's like this on both standards. It's been sitting for some time. Any suggestions on how this is supposed to work?



11-Oct-2010, 17:40
According to the manual (Cambo Master and Legend Series Manual, from Cambo.com (http://www.cambo.com/Html/downloads/Linkedfiles/english/download/Item55/Legend_Master_Instructions.pdf)), the lever is supposed to lock the shift gear, but actuating the knob is supposed to release that lock. That's how it is supposed to work, which was part of your question.

Maybe the lock disengages the gear so that turning the gear knob won't strip it if the lock is constrained from releasing. That may use some sort of spring-loaded eccentric cam, which may be stuck in place from hardened grease or corrosion. Try dribbling a little Kroil or lighter fluid into the mechanism to see if it releases. If it does, I would take it down and clean and lubricate it properly.

Rick "guessing based on the description and pictures" Denney

13-Oct-2010, 16:06
it looks like you're missing the machined rail this is supposed to engage -- or is it present and just not visible in this photo?