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Clive Kenyon
10-May-2002, 00:55
Hi, I am having trouble locating a shutter for my Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f8 (smaller type). The one I have no low end speeds beyond 1/25 and I have been tr ying to obtain a S/H replacement. I have tried S.K. Grimes & Ebay without succes s. I would appreciate any help in locating a reasonably priced second hand shutter either outright buy or part exchange.



Colin Carron
10-May-2002, 04:49

Have you tried getting it repaired rather than look for a new shutter ?

John Elstad
10-May-2002, 05:25
I second Colin's suggestion. I purchased the same lens with a Synchro-Compur #00 shutter that was jammed. My local camera repair shop was able to completely fix it for $80. Shutters are a pain to find, and once you find one you have to pay to have it mounted.

If you don't have a repair shop nearby, you can send your shutter to Grimes to have him take a look at it. He can then give you a free and accurate estimate of how much it would cost to fix.

Hope this helps.

Tony Galt
10-May-2002, 08:55
Indeed, the first step is to see if the shutter can be gotten going again. My lo cal repairman got mine running fine(the same 00 compur that you are talking abou t) even though there was a certain amount of corrosion on the internal parts. It took him a couple of hours to clean it off, but the shutter works very well now . Another possibility is having the lens mounted in a bigger shutter, but that w ill involve milling adapters and is probably not worth it. S.K. Grimes can do th at, but it looked like it would come to about $350-400 when I inquired about it (that was with a new Copal shutter--perhaps one could get a used 0 copal or comp ur and bring the price down a little).

Jim Galli
10-May-2002, 13:31
Are you saying that the shutter never had speeds below 1/25 even if it was working right? It may be one of the cheaper little prontors. Anyway if you're adventurous, lots of old medium format folders that sell on ebay for under $30 have nice Compur 00 shutters. Usually folders with lenses in the 7.5cm range used them. The trouble is most sellers won't be able to tell you if what they've got is a match for what you need. Just fodder for thought.

Like here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1352008216

http://search-desc.ebay.com/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand=GetResul t&SortProperty=MetaNewSort&query=compur&srchdesc=y&ht=1&maxRecordsPerP age=100&category0=625&combine=y&st=2

That's what I'd do, but bear in mind I'm hard headed and do everything the hard way.

Best of luck

Clive Kenyon
10-May-2002, 13:32
Thanks folks, but I would need sandals and a crucifix to get slow speeds from this shutter. It does'nt have any!

The shutter has a maximum slow speed of 1/25 which, as you will appreciate, is not helpful with films of 100 or 50 ISO.

Can anyone help in locating a reasonably priced S/H shutter with extended slow speeds beyond 1/25?



Colin Carron
11-May-2002, 09:50
Ah... no slow speeds as in 'no slow speeds at all, never were ever...'

Yes I agree with Jim's post that you might be able to pinch a Compur 00 size from an old folder. I had a look at a very dead Compur 00 from a Voigtlander Bessa 6x6 and got as far as screwing the rear element from my S/Ang 65mm into the back of the shutter before chickening out and putting it all away again. It fitted fine. As far as I could tell the folders' compur was identical to the S/Ang except for the position of the release which did not have a cable insert. You would be taking a bit of a chance but it might just work and you might not get a cable release socket.

Good luck.