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Dietrich Floeter
11-Oct-2010, 07:18
I have a 5x7 Norma with a bag bellows and need a pleated set with or without starlight. Of course a pristine bellows is best but I can have a set built if I only had the frames. Maybe someone in this group has one they can part with?

Having used this camera after 25 years of Sinar F, F1 and F2 experience I wonder why I ever bothered with the newer plastic cameras. This thing is a tank. I shoot all location work but the extra weight isn't all that much.


William Whitaker
11-Oct-2010, 07:31
My 5x7 Norma has a P bellows and it works fine for me. YMMV. Also check with Igor Camera.

Dietrich Floeter
11-Oct-2010, 08:12
Hi Will, Does teh larger light trap on the rear match the current version? I was unaware that the back end of the larger bellows was different than the tiny 4x5 bellows that are symmetrical.

Daniel Unkefer
11-Oct-2010, 08:26
I'm in exactly the same boat you are in, dfloeter. I have a ratty old Norma 5x7 tapered bellows, that leaks badly. I think I will have the bellows rebuilt, does anybody have a suggestion as to who should do the rebuild? 5x7 tapered Norma bellows do not seem to be that available, but the modern one will fit. I wouldn't buy a new one without trying it first, just to be sure.

The Norma is a tank, for sure.

Dietrich Floeter
11-Oct-2010, 08:30
I had a new bellows made for my 8x10 Kodak Masterview 15 years ago and a couple of companies still seem to be out there who can handle your bellows repair/rebuild. Next week I will be driving through Chicago and if one of the shops has a set on hand I will try it on for fit. Meanwhile I hope to find a good used bellows left on someone's shelf for too long.

Daniel Unkefer
11-Oct-2010, 08:41
Just found this one on Ebay:


Looks like synthetic material. Leather would be better for the Norma.

Dietrich Floeter
11-Oct-2010, 08:49
These look like they would work except I do not have the extra fittings as they describe them or rather the light trap adapters pieces. This item plus a worn out bellows badly in need of repair, now that works.

Daniel Unkefer
11-Oct-2010, 11:04
Igor up in Cleveland has a 5x7 Norma back and bellows (with holes) for $295. This is just about exactly what I have. You could sell the back, and you'd have your Norma format frames, and put on a nice new leather bellows. This is the route I'm going to take, but I'm keeping the 5x7 back. Mine needed new lighttrapping, good as new now.


William Whitaker
11-Oct-2010, 12:03
I think what Daniel suggested has a lot of merit. Even if you could find a clean Norma bellows, you have to consider it's probably at least 40 years old and subject to the same issues as all old bellows. This way it would be correct for the camera and good for many years to come with no worries about light-struck film and lost shots. By the time you get a new bellows made it'll probably cost you a little more, but what you get from selling the back would help offset your expenses.

Dietrich Floeter
11-Oct-2010, 18:17
Yes, very sound advice. There is nothing like a light leak to ruin your day, especially on a paying job when someone is depending on you.

Struan Gray
12-Oct-2010, 00:42
My 5x7 Norma conversion came with a more modern bellows, but I can't say which of the later models it came from. I *think* it's only the 8x10 metering/non-metering bellows which are incompatible in the Sinar lineup.

Another option is to send your bellows frames to Custom Bellows in the UK (they used to be called Camera Bellows) and get them to make you a new one. It's worked for a lot of people here in the forum.

Daniel Unkefer
12-Oct-2010, 03:40
I have emailed info@custombellows.co.uk about shipping my old Norma 5x7 bellows to them, for replacement. I know they have a top-notch reputation, and will do a great job. Their response is below:

The price will be.... 120 British Pounds
Old Bellows required....Yes
Frames required for refitting...Yes
Charge for refitting frames...10 British Pounds
Total Price.... 130 British Pounds
Visa/Mastercard accepted.

Other possibilities:


Western Bellows Company
9340 7th Street Suite G
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-5664

And Here is my original 5x7 Sinar Bellows:

Daniel Unkefer
26-Oct-2010, 15:20
I believe it's Norma, and in way better condition than what I already have. So now I will probably sell my other bellows, (it could be patched) or somebody will want the format frames.


PS I worked at CCG when I was in College, twenty years ago. Will probably go and pick it up. Need some large format lenscaps, too.