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9-Oct-2010, 21:24
Iíve just put the finishing touches on the Sinar Norma CLA Video Guide, and itís now available for purchase. The video guide contains two-camera High Definition footage of how-to and why-to information on CLA-ing the Sinar Norma camera. In this video, you will look over my shoulder as I CLA my own Sinar Norma. I show every step of the process from disassembly to reassembly and adjustment, including new information on cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting the fine focus assembly. The online version of the video guide is $25 ($35 for the DVD version).

More information here: http://www.philipmorgan.net/purchase-sinar-norma-cla-guide-video-companion/

William Whitaker
10-Oct-2010, 06:54
Looks interesting, but on your link the sample chapter is not working.

10-Oct-2010, 09:55
Looks interesting, but on your link the sample chapter is not working.

Thanks for letting me know about that issue Will. What browser are you using?

I've updated the site so that the sample chapter works better with Firefox and Internet Explorer. It's really optimized for truly modern browsers like Chrome and Safari, though.


William Whitaker
10-Oct-2010, 10:07
I'm using Firefox because of other problems with Safari. I can switch back to S, tho, to look at the sample.

16-Oct-2010, 18:08
Just a quick update to let folks know that the DVD version is now available. Again, the link is: http://www.philipmorgan.net/purchase-sinar-norma-cla-guide-video-companion/

18-Aug-2011, 16:22
I have one of these DVD's. It is packed with a lot of use-full stuff.
Good for you Philip.

24-Jan-2012, 15:33
Hi folks!

The Sinar Norma CLA Video Guide is now free: http://www.philipmorgan.net/sinar-cla-video-guide/
Read about why it's free now here: http://www.philipmorgan.net/sinar-cla-video-guide/about-cla-video-guide/


William Whitaker
24-Jan-2012, 19:08
Good luck with everything Philip. Hope you get some plumbing soon!
The guide is terrific and was a bargain even when it wasn't free!

Frank Petronio
24-Jan-2012, 19:22
Thank you Philip, I no longer use a Norma but they are the best cameras in their class and your guide is essential, especially if you get one that has been well "loved".

Best to you