View Full Version : localized print flashing with penlight?

chris jordan
9-May-2002, 15:52
I've been using a localized flashing technique, where the areas to be affected a re demarcated on my easel with tape (sort of a grid, coordinate system). I then flash the demarcated area (after determining exposure, etc.) similarly to how I would conduct a burn. I've heard about using a penlight in conjunction with the red blocking filter (s o you can see the image while working). While allowing more precise "aiming", it seems that controlling exposure might be somewhat unpredictable. Has anyone wor ked this out? Thanks!


9-May-2002, 16:04
Here's an interesting device for doing this:


There's an article on it's use on the site. Expensive at $150 for the kit.

Jim Billlups
9-May-2002, 20:52
Yes, I have done this with much success using a small flashlight with difusion material over the light to lessen the exposure.

Steve Feldman
9-May-2002, 22:23

This sounds like a really interesting technique to control highlights that get out of control. Not that I ever have a neg like that. Yea - sure.

Seems to me since the highlight appears as a dark area on the projected image on the paper, it might be tough to see the exact area with a red filter (25?) over the bulb. Then again (add up the following visual light diminishing factors) I'm using a cold light head on my enlarger, 11 x 14 or larger, 135mm enlarger lens stopped down to usually f11 and a VC filter. Heck, I can barely see the image during exposure. (Dim and Dimmer).

All seriousness asside. I know of one darkroom artist that buys only the highest contrast grade papers available and pre-flashes to reduce contrast to fit the range of each image. Myself, I've started to use split filtration on VC papers, Gekko, (i. e. a #1 followed by a #3) with very acceptable results.

Now lets see, what did I do with those +4 reading glasses?

. . . . . ?

Good light,


neil poulsen
10-May-2002, 00:11
I have a Dauxlite, and they're worth considering. (I know the inventor.) They come with several variable contrast filters, have 9 or 10 different intensities, and they have attachments to obtain different sized square and circular openings for different sized spreads. They're for sale at Calumet.

chris jordan
10-May-2002, 07:05
It really is amazing...what have they not invented yet? I think I'll try to build my own penlight version with diffusion material, and perhaps a piece of 00 filter. Then, after I sell a bunch of my new prints (yeah...), I'll go buy the Dauxlite. It really looks good. Thanks for the suggestions, folks...


paul owen
10-May-2002, 09:25
RH Designs (UK) have a paper flasher - basically a small battery operated device which allows flashing whilst the red filter is across the enlarger lens.