View Full Version : Is there much value in an Orbit 12" (305mm) f/6.3 lens--supposedly made by Ilex???

Robert Brown
9-May-2002, 01:55
I'm thinking about buying a Calumet C-2, with the above lens. I have a general i dea what I'm willing to pay for the camera, but don't know if this is a decent q uality lens. I'm planning to use the camera to make contact prints, both traditi onal and alternative process. I'll use it mostly for landscape, but also for occ assional portraits and still life. Any info on this lens would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob

Robert Brown
9-May-2002, 02:30
Currently I use a Mamiya 645 and Fuji 670--I'd like similar qualities in a large format lens.

Mark Sampson
9-May-2002, 10:35
No problem with that lens. Focal length = 75mm on 2-1/4 square. Plenty sharp enough for contact prints. Modern lenses of course show more contrast, but that is easily controllable in exposure/processing. Probably worth having the shutter checked/cleaned though- SK Grimes a good bet. Enjoy!