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Bob Haight
9-May-2002, 12:53
I am new to 4 x 5. I will need to send my slide film off to be developed. How do most people send their film. Do you take it out of the holders and put it into what or send the holders? Thanks,

Bob Haight

9-May-2002, 13:14

You can ship your exposed film in the three-piece light-tight boxes that film comes in. I would tape it closed, or at least secure it with a rubber band, labe l it clearly that it is Exposed Film to be developed NORMAL (or plus or minus as the case may be) and pack it in foam peanuts in a little larger box along with any further instructions for the lab.

Don Cameron
9-May-2002, 15:59
Hi Bob

After 9-11, the Post office is iradiating all mail and X-raying any thing 14oz or more. You might want to check what UPS and Fed X are doing before mailing anything

9-May-2002, 20:01
Only U.S. mail that is going to government offices is being irradiated. I send film by mail all the time to private processing labs.