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8-Oct-2010, 05:11
Hello all,
I recently acquired a nice old brass Dagor (Or at least I assume.). It had some fungus, but cleaned up really nicely. However, I was under the impression Dagors of this length were f6.8, and only longer lenses were f7.7? It's a Series III No. 4.
Is there any notable difference between the f6.8 and the f7.7?

E. von Hoegh
8-Oct-2010, 08:20
The first issue of Dagors were all f:7.7, regardless of focal length. I think it was around 1895 that they went to f:6.8 for lenses of 12"/30cm and shorter.
The 7.7 lenses might have a wee bit less flare than the 6.8 versions - not that flare is much of an issue in any four surface lens.
Congratulations on your score!

Louis Pacilla
8-Oct-2010, 08:21

You will find the very early Dagor III's were f7.7

I have a 150mm f7.7 with wheel stop, serial #60.379 .

Your lens is correct.:) Just early.

Ernest Purdum
9-Oct-2010, 09:28
Wheel stops. That's interesting, I don't remember ever having seen one.

9-Oct-2010, 09:57
I see! Good to know. Mine is 47070, but does have a standard iris with what I believe are paper blades, old scale from 6 to 768. I can't wait to give it a try.

Louis Pacilla
9-Oct-2010, 11:08
Wheel stops. That's interesting, I don't remember ever having seen one.

Hi Ernest

You know this was a 1st for me as well. I made a few digi snaps to share.

The lens is marked C.P. Goerz Berlin-New York With serial # 60.379 with matching cells
The wheel stop is marked in f stops & stops down to f45.

As you can see a lot of dust ,shows her age with a few scratches on glass & barrel but no bad glue :)

Interesting little lens.


9-Oct-2010, 12:10
That's the earliest Goerz Double Anastigmat I've ever seen. I'd estimate it was from the mid 1890s.

Jon Wilson
9-Oct-2010, 12:40
I picked up a while back a CP Goerz Berlin Serie III No 5; 270mm f4.6 (I don't have the lens in front of me and this f-stop may not be correct for I found this description in one of my files). The interesting thing about this barrel lens that it will screw into the front of a copal 3s shutter. Its serial number is 62147....same age as yours Louis.

2-Nov-2010, 12:06
Strangely enough, I just received my first dagor today, it is a 240mm/7.7 with serial 41700 (ebay pictures bellow) with built-in iris. Quite heavy barrel for the size...