View Full Version : Another Wollensak

7-Oct-2010, 20:03
I have an Enlarging Raptar 162mm f4.5-32.

What is the flange diameter and thread?

Does i cover 4x5?

Any other comments about this lens?


7-Oct-2010, 20:21
If you have one, measure it.
1 inch = 25.4mm or 2.54cm, for quick conversions between standard/metric sizing.
Yes, it should cover 4x5. I've got an 162mm Enlarging Velostigmat (older version of the same design?) sitting in a cone on my D2 enlarger. If you had a location under your name, I might offer you my enlarger. It's currently unused and is collecting dust.

Does anyone around Nashville want it? I'll take a lens in trade for it. How about lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings? Maybe a bottle of good whiskey? Tank full of gas? Make offer.