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Keith Fleming
7-Oct-2010, 13:22
I've posted a similar thread on APUG, but it deals with a topic that comes up frequently on this forum. Mark Hansen at Classic Camera Repair (ZeissIkonRolleiRepair.com) just did an outstanding job re-cementing the front cell and collimating my large-format 11 3/4-inch Conley Symmetrical lens (a re-badged Wollensak Versar). We had an interesting exchange of messages, and he said he really liked working on interesting old lenses. I am pleased with his work on this lens. Anyone with a lens needing re-cementing might well consider checking with Mark. (And yes, I should have caught the error in the title!)


Steven Tribe
7-Oct-2010, 14:14
I am sure he relaxes working with nice handy lenses instead of the smaller glass of modern lenses!
Would be useful to know if he works just with UV cement or can use canada balsam?

Keith Fleming
7-Oct-2010, 20:46

The best answer to your question would come from Mark Hansen himself by going to his web site. He is an easy person to deal with, in my experience. On my lens he used the UV cement, and I cannot detect any visible difference between the modern glue and the Canada Balsam that is in the pristine rear cell of my lens. Mark turned a real bad lens back into one I can use, and I am pleased with the result.


Jim Graves
7-Oct-2010, 21:06
I'm assuming this is the right site??? Link (http://zeissikonrolleirepair.com/page04.html)

Barry Kirsten
8-Oct-2010, 00:26
Earlier today I posted on another thread a link I recently found relating to re-cementing lenses. It's on S.K.Grimes' website:


In their links page there are links to places where UV cements, solvents etc. can be obtained. Interesting.


8-Oct-2010, 06:29

Thanks for the post. Because of your suggestion, I contacted him last night about a lens for re-cementing as well as a Leica III in need of some help. I just heard back from him - seems reasonable so I'm going to give him a try.