View Full Version : Wollensack Raptar 210/5.6

7-Oct-2010, 06:54
I'm not sure where it came from, but I have a Wollensack Raptar 210/5.6 (I think) lens that has no shutter. It has an aperture built-in that goes down to f/32, and a large diameter threads on the back but no retaining ring or anything. I'm trying to figure out what this lens is for. It seems to me that process lenses are usually like f/9 or something, not f/5.6. What was the original purpose of this lens and what is it good for nowadays? I don't have a 210mm lens for 4x5 and I could make it my 210mm lens, but I would have to rig up a lens board for it.

Jim Noel
7-Oct-2010, 08:17
It is most likely an enlarging lens. Most of these are engraved "Enlarging Raptar", but I have seen a few which were not. Put a Packard shutter behind it and use it on your camera especially for close-up situations.

7-Oct-2010, 08:27
Now that you mention it, it does have the format of an enlarging lens, though I have never seen one so big. The mounting diameter must be a good 2.5 inches/60mm. Would this be a suitable enlarging lens for 8x10 film?

7-Oct-2010, 09:40
Ask it
I use a Fuji 180 f5.6 enlarging lens for 8x10. Some folks may tell you that you "can't" if it's not a really enlarging lens, but the lens will tell you . I stop down as far as I can, just to make sure I have a decent depth of focus, max good image circle; by that time most of the possible abberations etc are probly as minimal as most real lenses. Now that my eyeballs are old and tired I wiash i had an f2 for focussing :>)