View Full Version : Chromar lenses

Gary Meader
8-May-2002, 13:50
A couple of LF lenses have come onto the used market here, but I'm unfamiliar with the name. One is a 90.. f6.3 in a Sieko shutter. The other is also a Chromar..210 ..6.3 in a Copoal 1. Does anyone know anything about these Japanese lenses? They appear to be in great shape. They both are small, like the Angulon...40.5mm filter size on both. Are they worth having?

Dan Fromm
21-May-2007, 02:57
Ask Yamasaki Optical if they made these lenses. Their site http://www.cosmonet.org/congo/index_e.html doesn't seem to give an e-mail address. The last time I communicated with them, their e-mail address was congo@cosmonet.org

Kirk Keyes
21-May-2007, 10:29
I had a Chromar-T 400 f/8. It will not work on 8x10 - it's a telephoto for use with 4x5. The one I had was not very sharp and I traded in it for something or other. I cannot recommend it based on my experience.