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jonathan smith
7-May-2002, 20:03
Has anyone used drums as developing tanks for 8x10 sheet film? I ask because I'm not keen on the idea of continuous agitation for drums, and have been consideri ng the use of PVC tubes. It just so happens that the light safe lids to 35mm dev eloping tanks snaps tightly onto 3" PVC pipe. So I was thinking about making a t ank from this PVC pipe, adding the light safe lid, and pouring chemicals in an o ut.

So I'm wondering who else processes in this way, with a drum but without machine agitation.

howard s
7-May-2002, 20:33
i use tubes, i guess you could call them drums, to process 4x5 and 8x10 negatives. phil davis' has plans for making these in his book, "beyond the zone system". i have measured the edge to edge eveness of the negatives developed in this matter, and they are excellent, plus you can do all your work in the light. rolling the tubes is very easy. there are instructions on the web site of the view camera store. howard

Eric Pederson
7-May-2002, 20:44
Use black ABS plastic pipes or some other material you know to be completely opaque!

Louis Jensen
7-May-2002, 23:13
For 8x10 negatives I use Unicolor and Beseler drums that were made for developing color prints. Using a drum roller, I have continuous agitation.

19-Oct-2003, 14:45

With continous agitation, how much less development time do you use?

John Kasaian
20-Oct-2003, 00:19

FWIW, I just developed whats left of my old 8x10 Tri-X in HC-110 dil.B for 9 minutes in an 8x10 unicolor print drum and base. The negatives are still being washed, but they look good to my sleepy eyes.